A Flood On Desert Sand

by Thrift Store Talent

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released January 23, 2015

All songs written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Jeremy LaBove / Thrift Store Talent

With assistance from:

Pat Meruseye: Vocals / Guitar ::: Recorded in Paderborn, Germany
Sam Keogh: Vocals / Piano ::: Recorded in London, United Kingdom
Timothy Gisclair: Drums ::: Recorded in Houma, Louisiana
Christopher Hillsgrove: Production Assistance / Consulting



all rights reserved


Thrift Store Talent Galliano, Louisiana

These albums mean a lot to me. I hope you like them. - Jeremy

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Track Name: Pretend (ft. Pat Meruseye & Sam Keogh)
broken down in town while it's getting cold
at least we have our hands and our bellies full of lust

we can pop the cork on the chardonnay
pretend we need the heat as we lose the day and touch

laughing at the words we could never say
passing up the people who never crave our trust

racing over hills while the tide came in
they yelled that the 10-speeds were made too big for us

i never wanted to be this way
living off of shades of grey

of course we are the songs that are brilliant
lost and breaking bones but resilient to love

putting on the same clothes from yesterday
i washed them last week, but they still won't quite zip up

living in the sand with our heads tucked in
never more happy to not know where we've been

it's hard to tell now, but i think the only
time that God keeps is our time in loneliness

i never wanted to be insane
but i don't have much choice today

i'll break my back if you break yours
my yellow breast unties the cords
relationships that we've outgrown
to climb a cliff we've never known

it's such a silly thing to see
you walking with your back to me
i never left, i never tried
to beg you like to bat your eye
Track Name: Lady
the worry on your face says you led me on
i'm sorry for the pace, but i'm too far gone
oh lady, you're not for me

they'll recognize your face all around the town
you're pretty, but our age is a broken sound
oh lady, you're not for me

this could never be, but it sure felt good
i'll always keep you close, 'cause i said i would
oh lady, you're not for me

we have time to say "we were too alone"
so then what does it mean when we both grow old?

circumstances change and yeah, so do hearts
when people stay the same that's when i get bored
oh lady, you're not for me

if we were ever meant for a bigger plan
don't you think that God would have moved our hands?
oh lady, you're not for me

"maybe" never paid bills or built a home
but maybe we were a fire in the freezing cold

we have time to say "we were too alone"
but maybe we were a fire in the freezing cold
Track Name: Reasons
i play your face like a Psalm in my mind
God, i love how you dance
and you twirl and laugh loud
pretty girl in her prime

i've seen the same look before
but this time i can't sort it at all
and you tell me you're fine, and i know you're not fine
but I don't dare talk

but enough about me
let's talk about you
and the reason i can't hold your hand
without shaking inside like i do
enough about me

all of the tamed lust that pours from your eyes
we just stopped making sense
and the time that we spent
making jokes to disguise a personal thing

and i know what you mean
when you're talking like that
you say you're alone and in love
and you just want to be where i'm at

but enough about me
let's talk about you
and the reason i fell for your charm
so swift and so warm and i knew
i can't make you see
how i picture the scene
when i play you a song
i keep hoping to learn
what you feel and in turn
maybe we'd get along
but enough about me

but enough about me
let's talk about you
and the reason you withdrew your love
like a $20 bill for new shoes
enough about me
'cause the water can't clean
all the sins in my heart
i stopped living for life
now i'm dying to die
just to make a new point
enough about me
Track Name: Spectrum
it's not my fault; it's my head
it's been staying up late and thinking while i slept
but it's a long walk home from your bed
i got some sense and two good feet under my legs

it's late enough, but no one's knocking off
you're sweaty, and your face looks pretty lost
so i grab hold and lean into your smile
i haven't felt a woman in a while

there we go

i'm in too deep or so i read
i saw the sparks in your mouth and the
lights go on in your head
i don't want to know what your mom said
just leave, just leave, just leave
just leave and be done with it

i did enough waiting for us both
i shook it out like a good boy through all the cold
i can count my friends on one hand and two thumbs
i wonder what kind of man Riley will become

there y'all go

to the best damn night of sex i ever had
just me and you so sore we couldn't stand
you had me girl, like Scarlett had Rhett
we burned it down and watched the fire dance
we were a flood on desert sand
Track Name: Echoes
all that i want
is a little bit of love
and i don't feel right
cause it's you that i'm thinking of
no, i don't feel right

we were echoes
walking tightropes
along shakey knees

you think, i know
i sink, you grow
and float flawlessly

all that i want
is to feel like i belong
i spent a long time
depressed sleeping in at home
and i don't feel right

sometimes i think
would you shake me
if i didn't move?

it's the last time we'll speak
and you won't answer me
'cause life is untitled and cruel
Track Name: Auditory Part Two
don't know how i envisioned it then
still i keep asking what words Riley meant
another word tore me apart
when you saw the pictures i thought of as art

but life goes and goes and goes
until you can't make out ashes from snow
until you try coming the same way you go
until you keep fire in your eyes
until you've perfected surprise

that's why it looks easy for me
the last time i took something seriously
it's probably the same way for you
pouring through pictures and missing our youth

but time runs and runs and runs
until you forget how we ever got along
until you can't listen without hating my songs
until there's no fire in your eyes
until you stop being surprised

tonight on the way home i stopped
across from the street where i thought you still walked
not sure if i wanted to see
or just wanted someone who's as lonely as me
the first time i felt your bare skin
freckled and whiter than angels have been
we wasted five days sleeping in
and tangled up more than my laces and grin
we promised forever and that's what we meant
we had it. we wanted it; every piece and part of it
we had it. we had it. we had it

but love slows and slows and slows
til i don't touch more than your clothes
until you don't wonder when i'm coming home
until we forget the feel
Track Name: Epiphanies From The Cove Part Two
do you recall staying up late stoking the fire?
our son's blue/red eyes calling our names; i knelt to his side
we watched him grow; a curious boy confused by this world
he asked me real slow, "what makes a man fall in love with a girl?"

the back of her hands, the whites of her eyes
when she takes a stand, refuses to cry
the curl of her toes, wrinkles of her nose
the last time she said "i love you" to me

nothing else at all can keep you so down or up all night long
you said something's wrong, but i don't reply; pretend i'm alone
awake on my side, you played with your yarn, taking out the burls
you read my mind; you said, "what makes a man stop loving a girl?"

the passing of time, a two-faced white lie
the shadow of doubt on a lighted sign
a slip of the tongue, a heart in your lungs
a daydream of anything that isn't her
Track Name: Eden (ft Pat Meruseye)
cursing out loud
at Eve and Adam

the same things we shout
to seem like giants among men

insane liars we are
we say "go die"

and just go

although stranger than love
it's somehow stronger

since the same hate
flows in your heart

i've come to agree
i need the silence

so i'll go
Track Name: Moment

we had a long talk
and i had a plan
but i got distracted
by the spectrum on your hand
your glass looked empty
so i poured you more
and the color filled your cheeks
like it used to years before

but it's only for a moment
and it's what you wanted too
so i lay me down with you


i confess nothing
and you'll do the same
we both made mistakes babe
and that's why i'm calling today
man, i was a burden
and you were my kite
but we were a spectrum
and our son was the light

but it's only for a moment
and it's only for our youth
so i let you know the truth


the people who raised me
i hurt with each word that i write
get close, but don't chase me
open up, but don't let me inside
i heard about your confidant
i smiled without losing my bluff
it's not that i was young
it's that i never loved you enough


but i can't get you back darling
and i can't keep stalling time
so i let you off the line