The Water Temple

by Thrift Store Talent

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This is the story of a man, a deer, a kitsune and a fish. This is the first book in their adventures, as divided into nine chapters.


released August 7, 2012

All songs produced, mixed, mastered, written, and performed by Jeremy LaBove



all rights reserved


Thrift Store Talent Galliano, Louisiana

These albums mean a lot to me. I hope you like them. - Jeremy

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Track Name: Sleepwalker
i had a plan to pull out my eyes
turn them around, then stick them back inside
so while i'm awake, i could see what i'm thinking
probably best, so i'd know all my worst intentions
and then while i sleep, my eyes would go forward
i'd see the real world looks better than formerly
people are nicer, and always more fun
wolves want to eat me, and i can never run from them

so i'll stay, stay. go, go. i don't know

you cut your neck, and now you are bleeding
all on the street, a mural that i'd pay to see
in a museum, surrounded by wood, and
people to ponder and tell you that it looks good
forcing a smile with mandible inserts
laughing at jokes with manual wind-up teeth
but no one will listen, and no one can read
but everyone still buys a paper and concert seats and books and cd's

all i've got are hazel eyes
two thin lips and thick inner thighs
(somehow i'll make do with that)

because deep inside there's a tree that grows
it grew for you, now it grows for someone else
(well is that sad?)
Track Name: What Is A Lie?
watching from the window
i curse you moving slow
you place your steps carefully
packing down the snow

how you can be so certain
there is someone above
who wants to put you in fire
and terrorize your soul

it's baffling to me, love
how you can be so cold
because i don't want forgiveness
i just want you to know

weaker than the wood frame
holding this burnt home
churning your sad head up
is the whisper of the calm

cushioning your insides
and promising you truth
your sins and holy ransom
of course, you already knew

and we're caviling our husbands
and wives that we don't trust
we're sanding down our balustrades
until we're just a pile of dust

when you fall in too late
when you fall into the lake
Track Name: Summer Ate My Skin (Thanks Andy Hull)
look at what you've done in just a year
under my tongue i keep a safe
filled with jagged lines and foreign themes
about your eyes and body shape
living in the last of several lies
i'm hoping time will obey me
trusting that you haven't found a man
who makes you smile the way i can

time is exactly what i'm fighting now
and dreams fill my mind with the worst imaginable sounds

darling, i can barely feel my face
thinking about the way you taste
sneaking glances through my telescope
across the sea, into your soul

and i'll convince the captain that the compass is wrong
40 degrees to starboard, and i won't be long

probably i'll get us in the stocks
but don't you cry. look what i've got
a shiny golden key between my teeth
i hid it when they captured me
when we get out we'll dance around the trees
in that dry field behind your house
and they will know no other love as pure
when they see ours, yeah mine and yours

you are just exactly what this drowning's for
you are just exactly what this life is for
Track Name: The Old Tree
i hate, love you
with your long, silly arms waving under the pressure
growing longer each week, and stronger each time we speak

you've got some nerve to grow and let me
chew on roots in the back while you sleep
while i'm lost in the memories of clicking and whirs
i get tired of begging for scraps from your burrs

i hate, love you
with your cross-legged arms weeping onto my shoulder
weighing me down, pulling me underground

wasn't it sad? wasn't it strange?
the words that you wanted to come out that day
you kept up for years, encased in your lungs
and coughed them out too late and smothered by love
i never forgot, but i see our rot.

so wasn't it strange? and weren't you cold?
were we so innocent? were my insides so wrong?
did i hold some kind of truth in my motives at all?
so attached to our loves, but at much greater costs.
wasn't it strange? and weren't you cold?
Track Name: Gleaning
sitting by the waterside, i have never felt so far from you
my grip on your hand's looser now. my mind wanders, searching out the truth
in you. in me. in us

and when you died, i found a home with Uredatsa, lost in grief, alone
looking for a scent of you when he'd tear your clothes out on the loom
squeezing all your little things and screaming when you weren't summoned too
i just looked with pitied eyes, because i loved him more than i loved you.

i can glean for yours, now that my
hands are calloused, my pockets torn
i'll hide in the barley barn and sleep with the pigs.
they keep me warm. they are my friends

i'm too scared to mention what i feel for someone else, and not for you
maybe it's my broken head, or maybe it's the flower of my youth
i'm sure. i'm not sure anymore

i denied the quarter moon, ashamed he started turning his back soon
he climbed to the other side like you did the night before you died
you lied, you lied. you broken branch. you never get another chance to live
you died, you died with steady hands, and then i shook until your legs were stiff
you false, you false confessor. i smell wine, and i smell poison in your skin
i swear, i swear today that i will kill her. i will kill her with my hands

because i want her to live, want her to die
Track Name: I Wish I Was A Spider
i wish i was a spider, so i could see eight of you
and none of them would be asking "what is wrong?"
i wish i was your lipstick, so every time you put me on
i'd think i was the one making you smile

but it's not like that. i can't hold you or touch you
but it's not so bad anymore

i guess i never really wanted (to go home without you)
you were always the one with your feet placed firmly on the ground
and we cannot see how the way they told us will ever let us out

i wish i was an elephant, so i could just walk around
and everyone would get out of my way
i wish i was an earthquake, so i could open up my mouth
and swallow everyone i wanted dead
Track Name: Hurry, We're Sinking!
i have got some questions
and i know you've got some answers for me
i have seen your eyes; they dance all over mine
and it's funny, i like it

you're beautiful and crazy
but i can't keep steady drifting in this boat
with you
it's hull is full and lazy
and i'm already clinging to a float
and it ends soon

dress warm
chase and restore the store

a long way in the distance
the callous fiends who robbed our sinking ship
called out
they said, "you men have a worn sense of
listening and biting your own lip"
so now

finally dear, you can say
"i have the best friends in the world"
finally dear, you can live
without that constant nagging cold

let's get this straight
if both of us had loved a little more
then out at sea
the storms and monsters would've made us sure
for shore

i have got some questions
and i know you've got some answers for me
i can see your eyes
they're saddened from the brine
and yeah, it burns
i know
Track Name: What Is Truth?
the people here have got the wrong words about me
but they carry them all the same
it’s strange how a simple crow's foot
can make your whole face change
who are you looking for? who?

i haven't slept since Tuesday. it’s not like me. it hurts
you’re sending all your ghosts to tear out our canteens and coats
i think i dug my hole enough to hide what you seek
i haven't lied at all in two whole weeks
who are you looking for?

the medicus says i have 6 months at best
i thought it wise to write you and put our demons to rest
we both were wrong, but you more, so i just want to forget
forgive, and lie down quiet without your voices in my head
who are you looking for? who?

you can't follow the shepherd unless you've got legs to stand
you can't answer the questions unless you know the one who asks
you can't hide in a mask if you put it on while they were here
you can't kill your demon if you've welcomed his brothers in
Track Name: Daydreamer
if i could see the way, see the way you move
i'd take control of you
and i'd whisper in your ear, it's for the best
so let your tired head rest

because it is scarred, the stained glass,
oh what we had

we were warm, the fire burned strong
just not for long

this is not the end. this is the start
of something beautiful
it's not where we've been. it's where we are
i know you feel it too

i am tired, tired of taking it from you
but i'll keep trying, until you feel better,
like new

i still hope, hope to see you there,
because i still care

and i still hope, hope i make it too,
hope that i get through

this is not the end. this is the start
of something beautiful
it's not where we've been. it's where we are
i know you feel it too