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released March 30, 2014

All songs written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Jeremy LaBove



all rights reserved


Thrift Store Talent Galliano, Louisiana

These albums mean a lot to me. I hope you like them. - Jeremy

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Track Name: The Rice Mill
running all the lights like we own the streets
yelling like a bad dog that never sleeps
you could use a new start like me
but i think you will always be

black and white as coal and ash with no clear flame
growing old and grey, but you will never change
the truth is you never knew
and that's why i'm leaving you

it's enough for us
dirty roads and a pile of rust

tearing up the backroads
with friends who couldn't keep up
so scared of change but so unaware
of the hate that kept us there

calling out the windows so
loud we heard the echoes
no secret kept in these old streets
that we would leave buried

i am not so hard to know
easier still to let go
i am not the one you hate
i am just the fool who stayed

so keep a ribbon 'round your soul
in case i ever want to know
how many years you've had on me
i'll forgive if you agree

that we are better off this way
forgetting every word we say
shrugging off our bleeding knees
and laughing 'til it hurts to breathe
Track Name: Castaway
you needed me once back when we were young
but turned into someone that i couldn't trust
with purses and lockets and penniless pockets
like the earth turning brown in its crust

when we felt the love that was smothering us
was the first time that i was alive
the secrets we keep behind our crooked teeth
are just dying leaves, falling in time

you live near the water's edge
and want more than you'll ever talk about
it's funny how we can get past
life and death and love and loss, but not doubt
and the lessons we learn are just snow
stinging our eyes
holding on tight to the warmest thing we can find

i'll wait for you here with the bellowing piers
losing teeth with each wave that i touch
and i don't need you to need me anymore
like i did when i was drinking too much

but neither of us wears the clothes that we had
and should never have shed them at all
as perfect a lie as i ever got by you
and tucked it away for the fall

the same year you died
i took a new pride in my art
and it's been a while
since i've scratched that nick in my arm

and truer than any old dog
to his master's call
i looked overhead
and i knew why our love had gone

i thought it was cute
how you said you were safe on your knees
you studied the flames
like the castaway studies the beach
Track Name: Know
sometimes it seems that wisdom comes and goes
'til it blankets down like snow as it grows old
you see the packed foundation holds fresh flakes so high
they start to doubt the clouds and curse the sky

i don't know you
but i'd like to

i want to go back to when i was fun
my heart was full; alone, but never alone
i'd make the same mistakes but learn from them this time
i'd pay my mom and dad far better mind

i think every choice and circumstance
shapes each life like peaks of dunes of sand
because if it's all pre-planned, then what's the point?
and am i just like you without the spirit in my voice?
Track Name: Jay
on a mile-long trail we hacked with blunted down blades
we tracked a beast that wasn't there to give us a name
the darkness came so quick and laid a field in fog
could barely see the way back and almost got more lost

you fought a losing bout with gashes in your head
when you realized you'd lost, you blamed the stick instead
and i couldn't place that name you whispered as you wept
but still i nodded, hoping you would just forget

we walked like giants crushing shrubs like they were trees
our hands weaved up like baskets, sweating up our sleeves
the closest i have felt to anyone since then
was nothing near; i still don't understand it

there was something underneath that bridge we made of logs
i don't know what, but in my dreams it throws me off
i don't act up the same, but god it felt so wrong
i never told no one but you and me alone

the precious time would pass; i'd talk into the sand
and make the shapes i saw on some old parchment
you made the sounds that they belonged to
and you helped me out; said, "curl your tongue like i do"
Track Name: Starve
dim the lights
every color becomes
black and white

like you like me
it all comes around anyway
like you hate me
the second i get in your way

i want you as you are
thick-armed and all
trying your best to starve

i want you as you are
i'm a dozen a dime
but i hope you don't mind

you're not what i need
you're just what i want
and i can live without you
but i'd rather not

like you like me
nothing will ever be the same
like you hate me
we all turn to dust anyway
Track Name: Shallow Roots
i was wrong
we were sown
we were processed
tossed out, watered and grown

in the same
row of grain
where your father
and brother would dance for rain

and it's still all we know
so we dance with our eyes closed

shallow roots

when the wind
broke your stem
i stood near you
and promised the pain would end

wrapping 'round
your flaccid gown
holding tightly
and humming your favorite sound

i still see the light
that turned you to dust

the past has passed but passes slow
you want to leave but can't let go
a dying breed; a hidden tome
we live our days a crumbling home

we filled the holes and blended the seams
to make us pretty; to make us clean
we built a fence for ivy veins
to help forget our dirty names

we hid from the snapping birds and bees
peeking out from piles of browning leaves
we knew our time had come but couldn't bear
every fractured breath we clinged to air
Track Name: Yoke And Tongue
you're the long bruise i've been hiding
you're another lonely song
you're the cut on top my tongue
you're the first time i felt alone

i'm a loose leaf fallen by rain
i'm the sleep you can't seem to get
i'm a whetstone dulling your blades
i'm the sin that's bringing your death

we're a broken yoke and tongue
we're the bad taste in our mouth
we're a fight that neither can win
we're a name we could do without

we're a broken yoke and tongue
Track Name: Not Your One
seeing you now, i know what you want
and where i need to be

not sure if before ever i did
but then i lost my teeth

i could be something else entirely
without you in my head

when i asked what you wanted
i couldn't believe, but now it all makes sense

i don't think
anyone knows what i am

what are we for if it's not loving
or wanting to be loved?

what do i say if it's not breathing life
into my only son?

what do you do when you don't care
and nothing shakes you to your core?

what do we want if we have everything
we could ever want and more?

i am not your one
Track Name: So Good
i am not the honesty that you need
and i am not a lie
i am neither saint nor sinner
just a lost beam of refracted light

each part of me pulls 'til it breaks away
filling up every dark hole
but i can't find my way back to center
and steadily losing control

so sing me a lullaby that makes me feel like
i am your only love
and tell me a joke so good that
i don't have to force a laugh

i am not the worst kind of man
but sometimes the meaning is unclear
so i keep a good, healthy distance
between me and everyone i hear

the last time we spoke, i knew
nothing was better; just more comfortable
like the new mattress i bought
it's a burden you'd rather not move

call me up sometimes just because
you wanted to hear my voice
and i won't think it means that
you're ready to have me back
Track Name: Seeds
i've never seen a grain untouched
the way it came from God
i'm a nervous monster primed with lust
and keeping you off-guard

this is not the first time you've wanted out
since you climbed in
death is the poison core we eat around
to see how close we can get

i'm the twitch in your eye
i'm the grind in your teeth
i'm the white in your lie
i'm the song you won't sing