Evergreens (Deluxe)

by Thrift Store Talent

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This is a compilation of stories about a young sailor who had to choose between two pivotal paths. These songs tell the results of either path, which he was able to see before he made his choice.


released April 13, 2013

All songs written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Jeremy LaBove



all rights reserved


Thrift Store Talent Galliano, Louisiana

These albums mean a lot to me. I hope you like them. - Jeremy

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Track Name: Vintonamese
Listen; I have time
As long as you keep your hands in line
The toughest things I had to learn
Were buried down at dead man's curve

Lying underneath the bridge
While thundering cars roared down I-10
We laughed at Gods and wondered why
We had to grow old and had to die

Patience; a little more time
A few more seasons to leave behind
Wake up; you have to know
The pain stopped clinging inside my soul

Summer, I can't write for long
My hands get so shakey when I know that I'm wrong
The pothole on main street where we were just kids
Has turned to a lake with a seven-year-itch

You'll come back (I know I sent you far)
You'll come back (into my shakey arms)
You've been cold (I know it's all my fault, this heart)
You've been cold (I swear I'll keep you warm)
Track Name: Perennial
We laid under the sun on decaying leaves
You spoke about the seasons like the chambers in your heart
We didn't fall in love, but we wanted to
We gleaned on all the fields while the flowers bloomed and starved

I played a little tune on the bit of string
That splintered from the roots where we dug out our new home
You said it wasn't quite what you thought it'd be
It felt a little tired, like an old and dusty tome

Sadie climbed high up that broken tree
My face turned white; I never felt so scared in me
Part of her is trapped, part's completely free
Part of her is you, but you said she's mostly me

Losing every word that I thought I knew
Forgetting seven years that I've burdened you doesn't sit
Well beyond the shores finding other truth
I need a better wind, need another crew with some wit
Track Name: Epiphanies From The Cove (Part One)
Lonely, its lonely after
You've seen that I am after
One thing that kept me close to you

Lingering, but kept in her
Is something more, but she stays the words
"I love-I love you"

Bare-backed and steady on the rise
Pour out my insides and I am
Hungrier than I've ever been before

Can't say I seem too down about your
Black-faced lies, because I been saying my
Own since I left home and started to grow some more

At first I thought a year or two
Then I could finally pay for you
To a place without mouths that talk about how

I have seen things I've never seen
I can't say what they were or what they mean
Not that I don't know, but because I love you so

It's much harder than what it seemed
Weaning off the crooked oars and sea
To this chained down dirt that never rocks or creaks

It's strange now to know how a few years ago
I still had doubts but never had them this strong
That forced me to think the things that I can't speak

There's a crazy, a fool, rescue attempt
Shoving out next week when the Moon's lit
Likely this is it, my last words for you

Curse Holly Beach, and curse Bourbon Street
I don't ask for much, just a name and to eat
And for someone to nod whenever I talk
Track Name: On Grand Isle
I came from earth, and you came from sea
With a friend from wind, we could breathe life into me
I mixed up my words inside a hat
It keeps me up late some nights, but I never take it back

It's hard to remember where we are in all of this
When I can't quite see the bow and aft
We injure and lame each other silly
And patch up and heal and hug and laugh

I smiled at the sound; a chorus of frogs
Without anyone to say they were dying when they called
We yell all the time at skin and at sores
I loved you the same until I didn't anymore

It's hard to remember where we are in all of this
When I can't quite see the bow and aft
We injure and lame each other silly
And patch up and heal and hug and laugh
Track Name: Bayou Barataria
A sticky fog and wet air
You got fed up and let down your hair
And the man we passed who gave us a wink

I kicked a pebble and watched it roll
You asked me why I never talk
About the things I think

I said, "Today's just not right
There's something dirty in my sight
And aching in my heart"

These people all look like climbing vines
And pour their words like the finest wines
But I haven't the voice they want

Anna, I don't mean to make you worry
But this whole body, I don't understand
Do you ever take the time to study
What I am really? What I am.

The second week that your folks were gone
We walked the docks with no shoes on
And I tried to grope the beard I'd shaved

I said the waves looked like Tarpans
You grabbed my hands and eyes sharpened
You said the way I cope is very brave

I'm cold with everyone I meet
They're stocked with dry wood and kerosene
But I haven't the sense to spark

Alas, I'm still pretty upset
That we couldn't watch the sunset
I know it's petty, but there it is

Anna, I don't mean to make you worry
But this whole body, I don't understand
Do you ever take the time to study
What I am really? What I am.
Track Name: Carmouth Field
Lately I've felt Sadie pulling further out from us
It happened slow. I did not know a man could hurt this much
But something in my bones is hoping eventually the change
Will shake his head and go back the way he came

I know I should be something else, but I can't quite fit it yet
My tired lungs are finally getting rest

When you walk into the room, I feel a bit distraught
I wonder if I did something wrong, or if it's just another thought
Because I've been filling your head up with stone-weighted burdened sin
And forced your lungs to keep on pulling in

I know we should be someplace else, but I can't forget the scent
A drying lake, a dying forest bed

Unless you have a stellar plan, I'm afraid there's no more hope
So I brought you here to Carmouth Field to help to keep you calm
That foggy dream that's been getting me; I finally cured myself
But not for me, for everyone else

And now we fight most every night and lay down our sick heads
And wake up new without a clue. We smile and break bread
I know we change; I know we grow, but something don't make sense
How could the only love I ever knew end?
Track Name: When Sadie Left
Today's the day you go take a journey and a note
Looking out for what I know is not there
If you could see your eyes, you would never wonder why
I stayed my hand and watched you stare

A gate under a tomb, with a sword stuck in it's womb
Then a two day trek across the sand
If memory serves me right, there were seven days and nights
Coming back here when we found this land

If you lose the stars like all the freckles on your arms
Look for north on top the mildewed stones
Listen for the tide clearing tears out of his eyes
And he'll help you find a path back home

I promised not to keep you here, but change is just the same as fear
When I can't keep the only girl I know
A savage beast that lives in me says I don't have to let you leave
But isn't that the same as letting go?

Partially I'm not to blame, but partially I am to blame
For storing up these treasures in my heart
And holding deep a hope that we could finally get some peace and sleep
And never have to worry where we are

The spotted vines and glowing eyes that caught me up so late last night
I think I know why they were watching me
Your natural smile, your lazy eye, your constant need to fix my mind
You are the truth that I can't see
Track Name: Significant
Two hands reaching out, grasping onto mine
It's when I knew
These three screens would mean a thing
Would tunnel right through me, through you

And I long to be the one who says go
To everyone and all their dreams
So I find a place for growing pains and upsets that
Couldn't all be named

It called to me as if it was significant
Crossing out my 14 years of innocence, just for a bit of time

I understand the searching out
The worldly habits now
A coarse, brown plant
That's listening and tickling our mouths

And I know you said that finding me
And everything was fate
But I don't believe that this was planned
I just think that it was strange

And the smallest scratch underneath my nail will make it fall
And I want to know: Did I do this right or not at all?
Track Name: My Only Shoes
I guess you'd want to see what I've become
But we can't afford to lose the year we've done
The less you know, the better off we'll be
My tongue sure lied but had nothing to do with me

I fight an ordeal inside my mind
And wonder how we got so far entwined
Catching onto thoughts I held between
My crooked eye and the whistling, bending reeds

I know, I know I left it wrong and yelled at you
I grow, I grow; the weight, it bends my only shoes
I hold a thought above my broken sign
A hope to find the love I lost this time

Placing all the blame it helped me cope
With changing times and my unholy soul
Today I find it doesn't help no more
I'm realizing why I chose this door

Another year will pass and we won't speak
And I think you know you've been a muse to me
With all the lies I've blended with the truth
It's hard to say which ones I told to you

I knew, I knew the path was wrong, but followed you
The truth, the truth was just too loud to listen to
Now these tired arms are letting go
And I'm learning to accept our growing old
Track Name: Evergreens
Now you are what you never wanted to become
A part of the world you hated from the start
And still you said that you felt cold and spun the yarn until
The Evergreens shed off their old brown coats in the early spring
The flaking bark had hit you in the arm, you think
But can't see where it fell

The last I heard, you found your way back up the trail but passed the turn
We made while I was gathering the sap and ferns
We thought we knew but couldn't find the words
I lost my weight, but you can't stand to look at me or pray the same
The garden that we started never gave a thing
But then, I never watered it at all

Leaving me is something; I don't know the word
It's easily the worst thing I have ever heard
I cursed the trees for all looking the same
All last week I paced and hoped to God that you were following
The muddy prints and sticks I broke that grabbed my sleeves
Because you'd recall that awful day they fell

This is something you've got to see; it broke the waves
It held my hand, carried my dead weight
Made you smile and kissed our feet
Let me down into the deep
It lit my path and showed me the grave
I never asked, but were you afraid?
Track Name: And The Boy Grew Up (Bonus Track)
i'm pondering these words for you
you can't quite say "i love you too"
but i am sure you mean it
when you sign back that you're finished
with the milk that you are holding
between two small hands and throwing to the ground

the halls are now your pasture
you're the wild prince of laughter
running circles around me
that must be how i used to be
now i'm picking up on little things that
take away small parts of me each week

every day you tread down your own path
through the grasses that we plant
down fields, the horizon is set on fire
and you're holding my hand

yeah, you love testing gravity and
holding everything you see
throwing pawpaws keys away when
elisi's eyes are turned away from you

inside your stash you have a
rubber band and blue pen cap
and several different books to read
in case there's an emergency
you're calling out my little tricks
and matching up your synapsis so quick

every day you tread down your own path
through the grasses that we plant
down fields, the horizon is set on fire
and you're two feet away

you have so much to learn
like bills and stress and getting burned
making big decisions
then turning to regret them
your heart shattering to pieces
with each failed attempt at life
you thought might turn out alright
if you just fix it by tonight
you'll get tired of the fight
and lose your better sight

you've got to look up
find your own place out there
squeeze yourself through
the gates of their starving snares

fight through the hatred
gather the evidence
proving that they took
away all your innocence

i never got to
i never worked it out
inside my head
i forgot how to get it out
through my mouth

every day you tread down your own path
through the grasses that we plant
down fields, the horizon is set on fire
and you're miles away
Track Name: Jay (Acoustic Bonus Track)
on a mile-long trail we hacked with blunted down blades
we tracked a beast that wasn't there to give us a name
the darkness came so quick and laid a field in fog
could barely see the way back and almost got more lost

you fought a losing bout with gashes in your head
when you realized you'd lost, you blamed the stick instead
and i couldn't place that name you whispered as you wept
but still i nodded, hoping you would just forget

we walked like giants crushing shrubs like they were trees
our hands weaved up like baskets, sweating up our sleeves
the closest i have felt to anyone since then
was nothing near; i still don't understand it

there was something underneath that bridge we made of logs
i don't know what, but in my dreams it throws me off
i don't act up the same, but god it felt so wrong
i never told no one but you and me alone

the precious time would pass; i'd talk into the sand
and make the shapes i saw on some old parchment
you made the sounds that they belonged to
and you helped me out; said, "curl your tongue like i do"