Pretend (ft. Pat Meruseye & Sam Keogh)

from by Thrift Store Talent



broken down in town while it's getting cold
at least we have our hands and our bellies full of lust

we can pop the cork on the chardonnay
pretend we need the heat as we lose the day and touch

laughing at the words we could never say
passing up the people who never crave our trust

racing over hills while the tide came in
they yelled that the 10-speeds were made too big for us

i never wanted to be this way
living off of shades of grey

of course we are the songs that are brilliant
lost and breaking bones but resilient to love

putting on the same clothes from yesterday
i washed them last week, but they still won't quite zip up

living in the sand with our heads tucked in
never more happy to not know where we've been

it's hard to tell now, but i think the only
time that God keeps is our time in loneliness

i never wanted to be insane
but i don't have much choice today

i'll break my back if you break yours
my yellow breast unties the cords
relationships that we've outgrown
to climb a cliff we've never known

it's such a silly thing to see
you walking with your back to me
i never left, i never tried
to beg you like to bat your eye


from A Flood On Desert Sand, released January 23, 2015
Drums: Timothy Gisclair
Vocals/Guitar: Pat Meruseye
Piano/Vocals: Sam Keogh



all rights reserved


Thrift Store Talent Galliano, Louisiana

These albums mean a lot to me. I hope you like them. - Jeremy

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