we had a long talk
and i had a plan
but i got distracted
by the spectrum on your hand
your glass looked empty
so i poured you more
and the color filled your cheeks
like it used to years before

but it's only for a moment
and it's what you wanted too
so i lay me down with you


i confess nothing
and you'll do the same
we both made mistakes babe
and that's why i'm calling today
man, i was a burden
and you were my kite
but we were a spectrum
and our son was the light

but it's only for a moment
and it's only for our youth
so i let you know the truth


the people who raised me
i hurt with each word that i write
get close, but don't chase me
open up, but don't let me inside
i heard about your confidant
i smiled without losing my bluff
it's not that i was young
it's that i never loved you enough


but i can't get you back darling
and i can't keep stalling time
so i let you off the line


from A Flood On Desert Sand, released January 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Thrift Store Talent Galliano, Louisiana

These albums mean a lot to me. I hope you like them. - Jeremy

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